Reputation MGMT

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What is online reputation management? In today’s era, many people think if it’s online then it must be true. This is completely false. With all the social media sites, review sites, blog sites and many more to choose from, essentially it has become very easy to publish things online. It’s almost as if there is an unwritten law to check the reviews of an establishment or person before doing business with them. Let’s think about this, when is the last time you went online to review a person or establishment because you truly enjoyed your experience? Fact is, 90% of reviews are all negative unless your actively trying to get positive ones. Online reputation is: how a business or individual appears to the public when found online. Reputation management is the process of repairing or flooding out the defamatory remarks & bad publicity received online to an individual and/or company. This is done by way of marketing positive articles, cultivating positive authentic reviews and even possibly removing these bad articles from the internet in some cases.

Who might need this type of service? We work with a wide variety of Mom’s, Dad’s, small businesses, large companies & everyone in between. Anyone with a name or business is at risk of negative and unwarranted reviews and comments. Remember that people are more likely to go online when they are upset or frustrated and leave negative feedback, comments and/or reviews than when they have something nice to say. Having a bad digital reputation can hinder someone from getting that job they really need and deserve. Employers will most likely research an individual before hiring them and giving them a role to play in the company. With 4 bad reviews posted about a company before a natural positive one is placed creating an active program for a company is a must for an online business.